K-2---Helpful Hints for Logging in at Home


We realize that our kindergarten, first and second graders don't take home their laptops, but if you have a student in K-2 your student can still access the programs they use at school.

We use Launchpad as our one-stop page for our library of links, and they use this method to login to our library computers. Once your student is signed into their launchpad, it will look very familiar, and they will be able to choose from many of our online resources. To access student launchpads from any device follow these easy steps:

1) Start at the Hal Henard webpage, and go to the "Students" tab.

2) Click the "Launchpad" link.

3) A new window will open. Click the blue link at the arrow that says, "LOGIN HERE".

4) Enter your child's username and password. The code is gcschools.



  • Your child's username is the first three letters of his/her last name, their two-digit graduation year, and the first three letters of their first name.

For example, if Jake Johnson is a kindergarten student, his username would be joh32jak. If he is a first-grade student, his username would be joh31jak. If he is a second-grader, his username would be joh30jak.

  • Your child's password is his/her 4-digit lunch number followed by gcgc.

For example, it will look something like this: 1234gcgc