Welcome to My Second-Grade Classroom!

Newsela: A website chock full of interesting news articles that is current and historic based on reading, math, social studies, science.
1.  Click on the link above.
2.  Click It's my first time here
3.  Once there, enter your child's username and password...
Your child's username and password is:
the first 3 letters of their last name, year they graduate, first 3 letters of their first name. For instance mine would be: 
Their password should be set as their lunch number and gcgc following: example     1111gcgc
4.  Then, click join
Once they are instructed to, I can send them an article to read or I can post it to be read for questions to be answered.
They can also read on their own. 
Once you log on, I can see the roster of who has and who has not joined our class.
Moby in space